Romans 16:5 “Also give my greetings to the church that meets in their home.”
Revival House is...
  1. Cross Centered
    While there are plenty of things we could focus on and emphasize, we want to know Jesus, focus on Jesus and emphasize Jesus! Christianity without Christ is nothing more than empty, dead dry religion. Knowing Jesus and learning about who He is and what He's done for us is our primary focus.
  2. Revival Oriented
    We believe that God desires to pour out Revival among His People. Revival is in fact normal Christianity... and we want it; all of it! Our heart's desire is to walk with God in complete, total and absolute surrender.
  3. Resurrection Empowered
    As a local church, we believe that Jesus rose from the dead and because of this we're called by God and empowered by God through the Resurrection to walk in newness of life. Because of the Resurrection, we now walk in holiness by the Power of God.
  4. Spirit Filled
    The Bible is filled with examples of how God set people free through the supernatural power of His Holy Spirit and God hasn't changed! He still heals, delivers, sets free and performs miraculous signs, wonders and miracles... and He does so through His People! We want to be a church that's constantly available for the Lord's use.
  5. Community Focused
    We believe that the Church is more than a weekly meeting; it's a place where Believers become a spiritual family, supporting one another, encouraging one another and challenging one another.
  6. Plurality Driven
    We're a church which believes that leadership comes through serving and that the Church of Jesus Christ is to be plurality driven, meaning there should always be plural leadership within the local assembly.
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