Revival House Moncton
Revival House Fellowship is a multi-site church located in Moncton, NB and in Riverview, NB. We meet Sundays, Wednesday and all through the week for prayer, teaching, fellowship, etc. 

Experience the Presence & Power of God!

A church for Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe & surrounding areas!
Revival House is a church located in Moncton and in Riverview which welcomes both the saved and lost to experience the Presence and Power of God! Yes... the lost! You may not know God... but God knows you! Come and experience all that He has for your life!
We're an Apostolic Church (That means we believe in the Teachings of the Apostles as revealed in the New Testament/Covenant).

Revival House Fellowship is personal, interactive and community oriented.

Being a house church isn’t always easy…  because when one member is hurting, it affects all of us. That’s how close we are. Life isn’t always easy so when someone is hurting someone is always available to see you through the ups, downs, lows and highs of your spiritual journey. Everyone is here to help out. Difficult times come to all of us and the brothers and sisters of Revival House do whatever they can do to lighten the load in both spiritual and practical ways.

We’re real people… you aren’t going to find us pretending that we’re “super spiritual” or “holier than thou”. Our entire goal is to be real with God and with each other. We want to be as genuine and authentic as we can be…because no one wants to be around a fake. Right? Right! You don’t find that stuff here at Revival House… well, not usually… but on occasions that it does creep in, we’re pretty quick to confront it. We’re all about people; not playing a religious role.

Revival House is where people get together to meet with God, with each other and it doesn’t stop at meetings; we’re a close knit family of Believers from diverse backgrounds who get together on a regular basis for BBQ’s, game nights, the gym, eating out, etc. Were also Missional; that means we believe that the Lords desire is to reach out to our communities. Whatever we can do as a small group to help people in need… count on us; we’re there!

We have students, professionals, single moms, single guys, families, people with tats, people without them… you name it, we have it! Everyone is welcome at Revival House because we’re not here to see through you but to see you through.

That's Revival House Fellowship!

Revival House Fellowship:

  • Welcomes all
  • Is non denominational
  • Holds to the Bible exclusively
  • Has a plurality of leaders
  • Meets in homes
  • Teaches Biblical giving; not tithing
  • Affirms the Five Fold Ministry
  • Is an Apostolic/Prophetic Church