March 16, 2017


House Church FAQ’s

We meet in homes because we believe that’s what God has called us to do. We’re certainly not “against” churches that meet in buildings; we’re simply obeying what the Lord has put on our hearts to do. Our sole desire is to be obedient to the call of God in all of our lives; part of this calling is to gather in homes under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
We’re not part of a denomination; we’re a non denominational house church which is independent of denominational affiliation yet we’re connected to any and all other churches and their members who are genuine Believers in Jesus. The Body of Christ includes all who have repented, trusted fully in Jesus Christ and who have been water baptized (Acts 2:38-39). Denominational affiliation makes absolutely no difference to us; we accept and welcome all who have been Born Again.
We teach the Bible. We realize that that’s a pretty basic and simple answer… but it’s true; we don’t want to add to or take away from what the Bible teaches. While there are specific doctrines in the Bible that are plain and clear, there are also issues which are not always so clear. We realize that we’re human and humans certainly are not infallible. If at any point we believe that we’re in error on a particular issue we are open to correction by the Spirit of God opening our spiritual understanding to the Scriptures in a more deeper and fuller way. For our Statement of Fundamental Beliefs, click here.
We don’t believe that God’s Will is to have a one-leader model in His Church but rather a plurality of leadership who’s purpose is to serve those who attend in any way that they can be served. We believe that God has called His Church to raise up leaders rather than “a” leader. This is the Biblical model and is a safeguard against a church becoming cultic due to one leader’s extra-Biblical teachings. A plurality of servant-leaders is the established New Testament pattern and therefore we want to follow that pattern.
We have only one “rule”… if you want to call it that! We believe that we’re to love God with all our being and that we’re called to love our neighbors as ourselves. Any practices which we partake in such as the Lord’s Supper, water baptism, head covering and at times foot washing is a direct result of seeking to love God and each other.