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Revival House Fellowship is church ... for people who aren't into church


Our Leadership
Revival House Fellowship affirms the Biblical view of plural leadership (based on). Dan planted Revival House in 2011 and currently leads. Brian and Lisa currently serve as Deacon and Deaconess. 
Having heard the audible voice of God as a young child and being saved and Filled with the Holy Spirit in his teens, Dan was led by the Lord in 2011 to plant a house church which would multiply into two churches in 2017.

Having planted two churches which have  three locations (Moncton & Riverview), Dan’s passion is to see more churches planted as the Lord leads. While no longer a part of the first church plant, the brothers and sisters of the assembly remain in his heart as he leads the second church plant.

His giftings are in the apostolic and prophetic, being used by the Lord in dreams and visions, primary being used in prophetic words as well as in the word of knowledge.

In addition to church planting, Dan is also a successful business owner and has been featured on CTV News three times in relation to his respective industry (IT).
When he’s not working or engaged in ministry, you can find Dan at a random restaurant in the city, on a ski hill , lake, national park or an orchard.

Brian grew up in the church but wasn’t Born Again until 2011. It was during Revival House’s second gathering that Brian came in and was saved from the power and penalty of sin. His life from then until now… there’s simply no comparison.

Brian leads worship, is a deacon and will, in 2018, step into the Ministry Office of Pastor within Revival House Fellowship.
Brian’s giftings are in evangelistic outreach, healing and teaching. He has an uncanny ability to pick things apart in such a way as to get to the core of an issue whereas others would miss it.

When not engaged in ministry, you can find Brian with a camera in his hands as he’s am amateur photographer. He’s also an avid short distance traveller and enjoys a variety of artsy things  [🙂]

Lisa began with Revival House Fellowship while it was still a singular church fellowship; she’s now with the second church plant and is a deaconess within the church. Her spirit of hospitality, care and compassion for the People of God is an example which all can imitate and follow.

Lisa’s passion for truth; for remaining within the written Word of God; is evident in all she says and does.

Lisa’s giftings are in hospitality and in the prophetic, being given dreams by the Lord which are clearly and undeniably supernatural in nature.

When not engaged in ministry, you can find Lisa on day adventures with her granddaughter. She has a love of nature, eating clean and working hard!