May 2, 2017



Revival… it’s a word that means the dead things in our lives can be restored! There’s nothing that God cannot do in and through your life if you’ll simply come in humility to Jesus Christ for cleansing from sin and for transformation of heart and life.

House… because we meet in a home where people gather as a spiritual family! House church is church for people who aren’t into church. No dress codes, no pews and no celebrity personalities. Come as you are leave changed!

Fellowship… because fellowship goes much deeper than friendship! Were all about being there for one another.. and we invite you to join us in the ups, downs, ins and outs of life. Were here for each other; were here for you!

Revival House was founded on June 11th, 2011 and since that time we’ve seen the Lord save, heal and deliver… literally! We’re a church on fire and seek the empowering Presence of God in each gathering and in our private lives. Were a radical group of Believers who want nothing more than to embrace all that God has for our lives. If you’re on the site but aren’t a Christian then this may seem strange to you … but know this: You’re as loved by God as anyone is and He’s more willing to touch and transform your life than you are to ask Him to do it!

Revival House is a place where Jesus Christ is Lord and where those who gather seek to emulate Biblical faith in all they say and do. Were not your regular church; we don’t believe that church is meant to be a once a week event but rather were called to be the church. We not only believe this we live it out in our day to day lives as God empowers us by His Grace.