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Here are some things about Revival House Fellowship that you may want to know
Why meet in homes?: We meet in homes because we believe that’s what God has called us to do. We’re certainly not “against” churches that meet in buildings; we’re simply obeying what the Lord has put on our hearts to do. Our sole desire is to be obedient to the call of God in all of our lives; part of this calling is to gather in homes under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

What's your denomination?: We’re not part of a denomination; we’re a non denominational house church which is independent of denominational affiliation yet we’re connected to any and all other churches and their members who are genuine Believers in Jesus. The Body of Christ includes all who have repented, trusted fully in Jesus Christ and who have been water baptized (Acts 2:38-39). Denominational affiliation makes absolutely no difference to us; we accept and welcome all who have been Born Again.

What do you teach?: We teach the Bible. We realize that that’s a pretty basic and simple answer… but it’s true; we don’t want to add to or take away from what the Bible teaches. While there are specific doctrines in the Bible that are plain and clear, there are also issues which are not always so clear. We realize that we’re human and humans certainly are not infallible. If at any point we believe that we’re in error on a particular issue we are open to correction by the Spirit of God opening our spiritual understanding to the Scriptures in a more deeper and fuller way.

Who's your leader?: We don’t believe that God’s Will is to have a one-leader model in His Church but rather a plurality of leadership who’s purpose is to serve those who attend in any way that they can be served. We believe that God has called His Church to raise up leaders rather than “a” leader. This is the Biblical model and is a safeguard against a church becoming cultic due to one leader’s extra-Biblical teachings. A plurality of servant-leaders is the established New Testament pattern and therefore we want to follow that pattern.

Do you tithe?: We don't teach Law Based Tithing but rather hold to and affirm Spirit Led Giving. In the Old testament, they gave a minimum of 10% while in the New covenant they went so far as to give everything they owned. The Bible is very clear and precise on the issue of the giving of finances; we're to give as we decide to give in our hearts and to do so cheerfully.

The Ministry Offices: The offices of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor/Teacher are offices all in operation today. While some fringe groups have brought disrepute to the offices of the apostolic and prophetic, the counterfeit certainly doesn't negate the genuine operation of these offices in our present day. We affirm that God continues to use all of the Biblical Offices to mature His People in the Faith.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: We believe that all 9 supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit are in operation today and will continue to be in operation until the Return of Jesus Christ for His Church. Without the Gifts of the Holy Spirit being in operation today we're left to rely on our own fleshly means of "doing church". God desires that we "be" the Church... not seek to manufacture it through a denial of the spiritual gifts.

Head Coverings?: Head coverings for women during a public gathering with an uncovering for men during a public gathering is a testimony to the unseen world that the People of God are submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. While this practice is largely ignored today, it's found in the same chapter as the Lord's Supper, which, ironically, is practiced by virtually all assemblies. Head coverings are a symbol of authority on a woman; it's a blessing and a joy to do so when one knows why and for whom they are doing it.

Foot Washing?: Foot washing, as practiced by Jesus Christ as well as the Early Church, is an outward manifestation of humility. While of course one can be fulfilled with pride and yet perform humble acts, this does not negate the Biblical truth that Jesus Christ, the most humble Man who ever lived, washed the feet of His Disciples as did the Early Church. Therefore, Revival House seeks to imitate the Biblical model as best as we can.

The Lord's Supper: Communion is the act of proclaiming the Lord's death until He returns for His Church. The bread symbolizes the broken body of the Lord Jesus Christ while the wine (we use grape juice). We practice Communion weekly at Revival House Fellowship and this Biblical practice is open to all who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

We accept all Christians: Within the church there are various theological streams; arminians, calvinists, pentecostals, baptists, etc. While we acknowledge that not all theological systems are Biblical, we also want to be open, accepting and welcoming of those we may not agree with yet who profess Christ as Lord and walk with Him in holiness. We accept any and all Believers who hold to the fundamental truths of Scripture (Atonement, Heaven, Hell, Divinity and Humanity of Christ, etc).

​Ask away!: Is there a question you have that we've not covered here? We'd love to respond to any questions or comments you may have regarding what Revival House Fellowship teaches and practices as a church.